Disconnect can suck up a lot of time. On a job site, you hand your crew unistrut, flex, maybe some beam clamps, and the disconnect and tell them to hang the unit. 3 hours later after fighting through the ceiling grid off a ladder that doesn’t reach up to the working height, the disconnect is hung. Later in the project someone comes back and pulls wire to the disconnect and through the flex. Then later, probably too late, someone goes back and puts labels on.

We cut that process down. We build a strut rack, with beam clamps on it. Then we install a WIP with wire in it, and label it right then. The person installing makes one trip up the ladder, secures the rack, and makes up the wire and the install is complete. No return trips. The process to hang this prefabricated disconnect is ½ hour compared to 3 hours with the some additional trips. What is 2 ½ hour PER disconnect work to you on your project?