Your current process for a simple hanger assembly:

The construction crew takes all thread rod out to the work site. Using beam clamps and a lift, they go from location to location installing all thread hangers. Once the hangers are in place, they return with unistrut, a lift and a helper. The helper cuts the strut to length while the worker installs the strut in plane with nuts and washers. Next, they have to go through again to level the strut properly.

During each break, and at the end of the day the crew cleans up metal shavings from cutting all thread and strut. Any unused material must be stored in the building or returned to the storage container. The installer empties their pockets of nuts and washers (hopefully), and at the start of each day they load up with consumable materials again.

Your process when utilizing Laborsavers prefab:

In our shop we cut all thread to length (100s of pieces at a time) leaving it long for field adjustments.  We cut unistrut to length using a shearing machine for a clean edge. Working at a waist height bench, we assemble the all thread and unistrut, with all essential parts within arms reach. We don’t lose time to doing clean up and breakdown.

At the end of the prefab process, your team gets a preassembled rack, ready to install using a beam clamp and level it into place in one shot. The only finishing work is cutting the excess all thread and removing of the pallet the hangers were delivered on.